Missing Teeth

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A missing tooth, or missing teeth affects far more than just your smile. So our North London cosmetic dental clinic works hard to improve your self-esteem, raise your self-confidence and give you a winning smile.

When people have bad looking teeth they try not to smile or even cover their mouth when smiling.  They often avoid social events, dating and job interviews.

There are many ways to describe the kind of mouth that has teeth missing, we’ve heard “Hilly Billy, Gappy Smile and even grave yard” (because their teeth look like tombstones!) Funny descriptions but not funny situations!

Forget  bridges and dentures to cover up missing teeth because our Golders Green dental clinic provide pain free tooth implants for a longer-term solution that is easy and comfortable as well as giving you a winning smile and bucket loads of confidence.pain free dental implants golders green

Are tooth implants really pain free?

Yes! we use dental sedation at our Golders Green dental clinic, so if you are missing any number of teeth you are likely to find that dental implants are the perfect solution for you.

Inserting Dental Implants is an excellent option for people who may have lost one or two teeth due to accident injury or periodontal disease.

Are Dental implants better than dentures?

Dental Implants cannot really be compared with dentures, they feel, function, and look just like natural teeth. No more worrying about munching on nuts, or biting on an apple in fear of teeth falling out in public.

They don’t sit on the surface like dentures but are set in where the roots of the missing teeth used to be.

Can I eat normally with dental implants?

Absolutely! Tooht implants can give you the confidence and ability to enjoy eating, laughing, speaking, and smiling.

No more sunken cheeks,  our implants will also help to preserve your facial structure by avoiding the jaw bone deterioration that is often associated with missing teeth.