Dental Sedation

Dental sedation north london
We became the leading pain-free dental surgery in London because we respect the concerns of patients who have a fear of dentists,  anxious, nervous and afraid of the dental treatments.
The solution is dental sedation in our relaxing clinic at Golders Green.

What is dental sedation?

IV Dental sedation is also called ‘twilight sedation’ because of the pleasant feeling that dental patients experience when sedated for treatment at the dentists.

It isn’t like a general anesthetic, in fact you will be conscious, but in that twilight world between awake and asleep. You will be able to respond to us yet feel no pain. So no matter what type of anxiety about the dentist or dental treatments, then IV dental sedation may be the perfect option for you. Contact us for more information.

Is dental sedation safe?

Yes, dental sedation is very safe – in fact intravenous dental sedation could quite easily be used for each and every visit but most patients find our dental practice in Golders Green so relaxing that dental sedation is not required. The good thing is that if you would like sedation, simply ask. We are happy to offer it to patients who are exceptionally nervous of dental treatment and/or for long dentistry treatments.

As a matter of course a patient would have dental sedation in our North London clinic when having several dental implants fitted or prepared for a large smile makeover case with dental veneers or crowns.

Here are a few frequently asked questions in relation to sedation at the dentists.

If I am having dental sedation, do i need to be accompanied?

Yes, you should always come attended because you may feel slightly groggy afterwards so it is a good idea to  have someone responsible to help you travel.

Will I be able to drive after dental sedation?

No,  do not drive home after dental sedation, always make alternative arrangements.

Will I be able to go straight back to work after dental sedation?

Recovery after dental sedation is fairly quick but be prepared to take the rest of the day off from work as your performance will not be at it’s best and you may still feel slightly sleepy after the sedation wears off.

Who administers dental sedation?

At our dental practice in Golders Green all dental sedation is carried out by qualified anaesthetic doctors that attend our clinic specifically to administer dental sedation.

You need to find a dentist you TRUST, who will ensure “pain free dentistry”. This dentist needs to know how to deal with anxious patients, have experience in this field, know how to reassure the patient not to worry, have a relaxed manor, and have patient reviews to show all this is for real…
examples of our online reviews
I have a massive fear of dentists and Lotus made me feel at such ease,, highly recommend xFiona Cecilia Chait Shorrick
I am a very nervous patient but Dr Frankl made me feel like I was in safe hands. Dr Frankl is very professional and is a very good dentist. The clinic looks beautiful and his staff are very friendly. Richard tenebaum 

If you live or work in around North London and seeking dental sedation, we are in Golders Green and accessible for Finchley, Barnet. Mill Hill, Hendon etc.